Did you know that wherever you are in Montgomery County, you are never more than 2 miles away from a park?

Montgomery Parks’ mission is to protect and interpret our valuable natural and cultural resources, balance the demand for recreation with the need for conservation, offer a variety of enjoyable recreational activities that encourage healthy lifestyles, and provide clean, safe, and accessible places for leisure-time activities.

Parks Improve…

Mental and Physical Health

The 2014 survey, Exposure to Neighborhood Green Space and Mental Health: Evidence from the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin, found “higher levels of neighborhood green space were associated with significantly lower levels of symptomology for depression, anxiety and stress.”

A May 2010 Report to the President from the White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity states that “children of all ages are healthier, happier and have better social skills if they have frequent opportunities for free and unstructured play outdoors.”

The Economy

The Economic Impact of Parks report issued in 2019 by the National Recreation and Park Association, in partnership with the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University, demonstrates the profound effect of local parks and recreational agencies’ capital spending and operations.

Economic Impact in MD
Labor Income: $1,480,134,422
Employment (jobs): 27,974
Economic Activity (Transactions): $4,590,263,035

The Environment

The park system actively manages more than 29,000 natural acres for environmental preservation, contributing greatly to Montgomery County’s environmental health.  In 2018, the Montgomery Parks Arboriculture Section released a summary of data and benefits of 24,796 trees inventoried and found the ecological benefits provided by the trees saved the county $2,145,042.

The forests and trees  found within the 421 parks help reduce the effects of climate change through the absorption and retention of carbon dioxide (CO2).  According to the Arbor Day Foundation, “In one year, an acre of mature trees absorbs the amount of CO2 produced by a car driven 26,000 miles.”


Montgomery County Parks


Total number of parks


Total acres of parkland


Total natural and paved surface trails (miles)


Total stream length (miles)

Discover more Montgomery Parks’ system highlights in the Green Tree Report as of June 2022.

Park Budget

$131.6 million

Adopted Operating Budget FY2022
for acquisition

$55.2 million

Capital Improvements Program FY2021-2026
for development

$184.4 million

Capital Improvements Program FY2021-2026

Current Projects

Our projects strengthen the community, provide educational resources, and create greater stewardship within the parks.

Josiah Henson Museum & Park

Josiah Henson Museum & Park

Josiah Henson Museum & Park tells the story about the life and challenges of Reverend Josiah Henson,… Learn More
SEED Classroom

SEED Classroom

Black Hill Nature Programs is committed to building community around Black Hill Regional Park and plans to do so for years to come. Learn More
Ongoing Initiatives

Ongoing Initiatives

The Marye Wells-Harley Dream Camp Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for children and teens to attend the Montgomery Parks’ summer camp of their choice. Learn More
Partner Projects

Partner Projects

The Montgomery Parks Foundation collaborates with members of community-led park projects that directly benefit our incredible park system. Learn More
Nature Center Programs

Nature Center Programs

Nature Centers Black Hill Black Hill Visitor Center,… Learn More