Great parks need great volunteers.

Montgomery Parks relies on the involvement of caring neighbors and organizations to bring about meaningful change in our park system.

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Every year, volunteers generously give back more than 80,000 hours of their time — directly impacting our local greenspaces, cultural resources and educational programming in significant ways.

Explore the ways you can become a changemaker in your community when you become a Park Volunteer.


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Weed Warriors

Join us in the fight to eradicate non-native invasive plant species threatening the health and biodiversity of our beautiful parklands! These unwelcome plants disrupt the ecology of natural ecosystems, displace native plants, impact native wildlife, and degrade the wonderful diverse wild lands of Montgomery County.

Connect with a dedicated corps of volunteers committed to protecting and preserving our natural habitats.

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Student Service Learning

Montgomery Parks offers impactful student service learning opportunities for youth volunteers!  Students can engage in worthwhile projects such as park cleanups, trail work, crop harvesting, and more.

See how your child can give back to an invaluable community resource and help address the unmet needs of our vast park system.


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